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Founded in October 2009 and located in Taian High Tech Industrial Development Zone, BONDi (Shandong) Environmental Material Company Limited is a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) invested by the Hong Kong Sea Faith Holdings Limited Group. To meet the requirements of solving the global climate warming and advocating low carbon emission as well as supporting the development and application of the green clean energy, we strive for development closely around the wind power industry and provide the products and service for the wind power generating plants with heart and soul.

The main operating item of Bondi is core material for wind power blades. The main raw material Balsa Wood is imported from Ecuador, South America. Since our foundation, BONDi, has been focused in Safety and Environmental practices; promoting core materials that are not only renewable and natural, but also materials with technical properties that can enhance the application’s performance. By means of the technical design and precision machining, the applicability of the core material can be expanded so that the properties like light weight, good toughness,heat resistance and sound insulation can be fully used.

Bondi pays much attention to the training and education of the technical engineers and workers as well as the instruction of the quality management system and production process control. Bondi has cultured professional techical research and development, organized designing team, instantly improved the processing crafts, developed and bringed in sophiticated production equipments. At the same time, Bondi has realized the automatic operation, numerical control process and standard process precision. Bondi has provided high quality products and all-rpund service for our clients with high standards. Over the years, Bondi has provided the high quality core material for clients from wind power generating plant, automotive trains, buses, and FRP yachts.

Currently, our yearly production capacity balsa wood kits for wind power blade can reach 8000 kits.

At the same time, Bondi has established balsa wood plantation in Ecuador to make sure the enough raw material supply for production.


BONDI has been one of the leading industries that manufactures and Distributes a wide range of Core Materials for the Wind,Boating,Sports,Automotive and FRP Industries.    More Info

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